Streaming Ticker Removes by Facebook

Streaming Ticker Removes by Facebook

Facebook users, you may have seemed now that from the streaming ticker the page updates have been removed which remains on the right portion of the screen. Since there’s no is any update or official announcement yet made. These sudden changes indicates that even if a Facebook user is subscribed to obtain notifications from a page and continuously engages with their fresh updates, they yet will not spot their posts in the streaming ticker, that exclusively consists of updates from your friends now.


Therefore these prove to be extremely troublesome for businesses on Facebook who can suppose to see fewer engagements at present that their posts are not visible in the ticker any longer. Generally there are two places for users to find content on Facebook, by means of streaming ticker and News Feed. In fact you can see in the example screenshot below, after posting to our EXAALGIA Page on Facebook, the recent update triggers a notification and is exposed in the News Feed, however it is fact that there is not streaming ticker anymore. What creates the ticker such a fabulous place for people to find fresh content is that it’s noticeable no matter where you are on Facebook, the News Feed, your own timeline or other pages?

You may have never seen this type of streaming twitter ticker in the social media websites, because their screen resolution was too undersized or they are just annoyed by real-time updates. However, this is bad news for page managers who can anticipate seeing even fewer fan engagement going forward. Thorough research shows a 66% reduction in post interaction because the changes took place few days ago! Could this be a trick to force businesses to expend more on paid advertisings or just fault?

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