Sponsored Results should be Removed ??

Sponsored Results should be Removed ??

You may have observed various changes in the Facebook these days, there is another change that is Facebook is going to make simpler their advertisement offerings system. Within this, Facebook is giving the new way on its Sponsored results and focusing on the roll out of the Graph Search feature.


The Facebook chairmen announced that promoters will not at all be capable to purchase sponsored results beginning from July, and that they will vanish from users’ search results by the ending of July.


Facebook Sponsored Results







Though, ads on search results pages are yet available to promoters, and Facebook is continuously doing work on building up formats that take benefit of the functionality of Graph Search.

Facebook Graph Search


Facebook said in a statement:


In putting with the aim of reformation our ad products, opening in July, and promoters will no longer be capable to purchase sponsored results. We’ve looked that most advertisers were purchasing sponsored results to promote their apps and games, and we previously offer mobile app install ads as well as page post link ads on desktop to accomplish these similar aims.


So, let me know what you do you consider about sponsored results, were they an efficient way to reach Facebook users? Or else do you think there will be more possibilities from Graph Search feature? Well, as per my suggestion there will be more possibilities with Graph Search.


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