SEO techniques Essential for an Ecommerce Website

SEO techniques Essential for an Ecommerce Website

SEO Techniques

With the current scenario one really can’t underestimate the online presence of the business. This doesn’t limit to just having an Ecommerce website but if done a detailed study one would know that it’s more than that. You need have a proper SEO work being done on your Ecommerce website to make sure that it is visible and gathers visit. In this article Exaalgia will list a few tips for the SEO techniques that are essential for an Ecommerce website,


Keyword Phrases

The SEO is no more limited to KEYWORD, it is KEYWORD PHRASES. Single word keyword cannot garner visits for you and so try making appropriate keyword phrases for online visibility. The user these days prefer advance search and that could be easily fulfilled by using keyword phrases.


Meta tag, title and description

Though this really doesn’t show on the website content and neither plays any part but to make sure that the content is read the Meta aspects of the Ecommerce website should be well updated. Whenever the pages appear when you search online these details show and directs the search engine to you page. Make sure that write them correctly without spelling mistakes. Your Ecommerce web page will get indexed.


Product Description

The selling product details should be given in a descriptive manner. It must be written in manner that the user doesn’t have any doubt on the product on whether to buy or not to buy. How well you convey the product to the users is what actually matters.


Images with Alt tags

We all know that images or any graphic doesn’t get indexed. But it’s possible to make sure that images are indexed by providing alt tags to them. SO even though the picture is not getting indexed but the alt tag applied to it will help in that and help in increasing your visibility.



Content is the king and it is. Don’t take it lightly. The audience today is very intelligent and doesn’t accept anything and everything. They tend to evaluate first and then write and remember the content is for the users need and make that it is doing its purpose by writing valuable, intelligent and appropriate content. Limit the use of keyword density to approximately 5-8%.


Optimized URL

Optimized URL means that the user could make it out from the URL that what the page is all about. It not only does well for the users but for the search engines as well.

Link Building

Link building is an important SEO work which should be done to promote your Ecommerce website. Submit the links on directories with good page ranks and websites as well. It could be done with certain sites by providing back links to them.

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