How to design a SEO friendly Website???

How to design a SEO friendly Website???

We always thought that the website which we are going to design it should be very
beautiful to be in look, functional website that address clients need. So if you really want to improve the web presence of your client then SEO will definitely helps you in that.Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving the visibility of the website for search engines through organic search results.

The design of a website is one of the most important success factors and it doesn’t only affect the user experience but also the SEO Campaign. In this article we will discuss how to design SEO friendly Website, which will help web designer and developer to build better and more effective website in terms of both functionality and crawl ability.

Optimizing your Web Design


Developing quality content is important but it is not the only part of your strategy that must be optimized. Proper displaying of content is compulsory and having a solid hierarchy and easy navigation is the key for an effective web design & presence.




Keywords, one of the important aspects of Search engines optimization. If you optimize your site for wrong keyword it’s not possible to achieve the desire goal of getting targeted traffic for your site. It is important to optimize your keywords according to your business profile & services.

Some of how important to optimize keyword for local, national and global because sometimes most of users are try to found you according to GEO- TARGET Area.


Keyword Placement


Now the next thing comes up is placement of the keyword. Place the keywords on the particular pages at the right position. Here are some important places to put the keywords at the right place:


  • Title Tag
  • Meta Description & Keywords
  • Website Tag Line
  • Heading Tags
  • Alt Tags
  • Title attribute on links
  • Internal Links
  • Footer Links
  • URL’s


Search Engine Friendly Navigation


Now the next thing comes up- Search Engine Friendly navigation. Creating a structure that would follows by search engines. Search Buy Kamagra Engines are not able to find your site through images or through content so make sure that you address this and all links and buttons are text based. Try to avoid the use of Java Script because search engines found it difficult to understand & sometimes may creates issue in crawling.

Designer can use responsive theme in design because the user is gadgets friendly & most of the time spend on gadgets.


URL Structure & Naming


URL Structure – another important factor of the site. URL of the website should content keyword in it, it will also helps in increasing the visibility of search engines.

Example of not too friendly URLs


Example of SEO friendly URLs:


If you choose the second sample it would have better option to include keywords in URL. It is also will have a good habit to choose a descriptive title to your image. Images are not crawl by google, these are crawl by their alternate text.


Website Images


  • Images of website need to optimize to achieve faster loading time and subsequent search engines visibility
  • Image size should be small, so the mobile visitors can also have the same experience & get the images faster
  • Image should be correspond with the tag
  • It’s best to place your images on context in the page. The more relevant the text around your image, the better results you’ll get for rankings.


Social Media


Social media should be the part of your SEO strategy as building relationships and connections will helps you in creating a big brand over the web. The process of visitors sharing links within their own network can result in a large number of inbound links.


Some popular social media’s are


  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Digg
  • Stumble Upon 


At the end these are some ways which helps you to increase the visibility of your website in search engines. If designer will keep this points in mind it will helps SEO’s a lot to make website search engine friendly.

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