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Is Your Call To Action Strong Enough?

A call to action is a must-have on every site. Great call to action buttons have been known to increase conversions. When you have strong, compelling content on each page of your website, you don’t want that content to end without giving the audience the next step to take. So, what makes a call to action strong enough? Did you know that the pronoun you use can affect your conversions? A case study on has shown that websites designed with a call to action button using first-person pronouns such as “I”......

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Traits of an effective e-Commerce Website

Traits of an effective e-Commerce Website   A recent research study by Forrester estimates that “online sales will reach $335 billion in 2012” and “E-commerce will account for 6 percent of all retail sales in the United States”. With figures like those we can imagine how fast growing the eCommerce industry has become. As the web grows exponentially, more and more businesses are identifying and embracing the power of ecommerce to reach the global audience. This promising future has resulted in adoption of eCommerce web solutions by organizations.   Along with the......

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Why should you choose WordPress for your website?

  The WordPress tool was initially introduced for blogging uses and its here where it started. Writing up online and bringing them in notice was the way to express one’s thought. It became the way to put across what you feel, your experiences and many more. From photography to cooking lesson, education colleges to how to prepare yourself as a professional, everything was available online and used WordPress. After making its mark for the blogging it has now evolved into a great CMS for your Business Website. Here Exaalgia will tell you......

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